Every April, Karlovac parks experience a double awakening. The awakening of nature and the splendid greenery in the heart of the town on four rivers is accompanied by a tremendous variety of activities with Karlovac Promenades.

From the end of April to 1 June, Saturday mornings are reserved for "Spring Promenades". Every year, there are different variety, themes and things to do. The Promenade will become a great sports venue with the presentation of a number of sports clubs and leisure associations. And just a week later, the parks will turn into a dance floor upon which the numerous dance clubs of Karlovac will show off their skills. All styles will be featured from classical to more modern varieties, such as break dance and hip-hop.

Visitors will be able to take part in the Spring Promenades through various workshops: you can learn more about archery and falconry, go on a photo-safari, make souvenirs, or learn to dance or write Glagolitic script! You can even go on a romantic ride in a carriage through Karlovac's beautiful parks.